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The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band's first album for Reprise was the best of the group's career, in large part because it was the most song-oriented. It was still plenty weird, almost to the point of stylistic schizophrenia, but when you got down to it, much of the record was comprised of fairly catchy songs in the neighborhood of two and three minutes. At times they sounded like reasonably normal, fairly talented Byrds-like folk-rockers ("Transparent Day," P.F. Sloan's "Here's Where You Belong"); at others, a Kinks-like garage band ("If You Want This Love"); and at others, a fey Baroque pop outfit (the orchestrated "Will You Walk With Me"). There was an undercurrent of unsettling weirdness and even paranoia, though, in some cuts with otherwise pleasing tunes, like "Shifting Sands," with its sizzling distorted guitars; "I Won't Hurt You," with it ... Read more »
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R. S T E V I E   M O O R E ' s
F i r s t   A l b u m

APRIL 1976

(100 copies pressed)

Somewhere in Nashville, Tennessee sits
(in a bathtub) a young chap by the name of
Stevie Moore. In his living room, two tape
decks are set up. Microphones and wires
are strewn everywhere. Over the space of
several years (1974-1976), our hero sits
down with his tape recorders and (all by his
lonesome) puts down a heap of tracks
featuring many of his multiple musical
talents. This record is an edited distillation
of a few of those, intermixed with some chit
chat and narration by the venerable Mr.
Moore. The ... Read more »
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As a follow-up to the last post, here's Vol. 4 of Obscure Independent Classics - Alan Jenkins' twisted collection of what he considers "classics". This one is even less accessible than Vol. 2, and that's saying something. These two are the only in the series in my record collection, so if anybody happens to have Vol 1 or Vol 3, please send me a note. Cheers.

Again, Alan's one sleeve notes:


  • Side 1
    • Huge Box - The Bien
    • Ein 0041 - Quino
    • Kyo de Sayonara - Momo
    • Through the heavenly eyes - The Flag
    • Barren Land - Man Decade
    • Drow the Curve - Dea
    • Blue Rose - Suttee
    • Cheerful Afternoon - Roly Poly
  • Side 2
    • An Idle Land - S. Core
    • Cowboy Go Ahead - Camp Three
    • Lusefeea - Haginsha
    • Eastern Blue - Femme ... Read more »
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An appropriately titled, thoroughly obscure item to kick off the blog. Released on Alan Jenkins' Cordelia Records from Leicester, home of the kings of obscure classics, The Deep Freeze Mice, and related bands Chrysanthemums, Ruth's Refrigerator, The Creams, Yukio Yung a.k.a. Terry Burrows, and others. This release pretty much summarizes Alan's understanding of the concept humour, and that's not a typo but a hint that this is of the British variety, not the sophomoric, American style ala Ween or The Rudy Schwartz Project. Highlights of the album include Yukio's title track, the dreamy "Kennedy says", and one of my all-time favorites, "Modern Girls" by The Wimps. If anyone has their EP please contact me, as I'm dying to hear it.

What follo ... Read more »

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