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In December of 2006 an era ended. After 20 years of playing practically the same three songs in hundreds of variations, Fred Cole's Dead Moon called it quits. During this time they've been the poster boys for how a garage band should be like - straightforward, approachable, and fueled with conviction - demonstrating that you can just live your dream as long as you don't give a rat's ass about anything else. As a result they've slowly built a devoted following (mostly in Europe - even mild success deluded them in the States, despite playing every festival they could find in their home state of Oregon), who go as far as tattoing the Dead Moon logo on various body parts.

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For the uninitiated, Chris Knox is one half of the Tall Dwarfs, the New-Zealand band who pretty much defined Lo-Fi music in the 80s. Seizure wasn't his first solo album, but you could call it his first "proper" solo album. Where "Songs for cleaning guppies" was a sonic mess, Seizure is a pop gem. It sounds a lot like a Tall Dwarfs album, but is more upbeat and lyrics-centered. The tape loops and odd sound effects are still there, but they don't define the songs as much as they do in Tall Dwarfs albums of that era. This one features his probably best known song, "Not Given Lightly", which climbed the NZ charts and made a lot of people wonder about Knox' sexual orientation for the first time (the track "The Woman Inside of Me" probably contributed to this).

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