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Soulpunk from hell! The Dirtbombs cover various lesser known tracks by a bunch of well-known soul shouters (such as Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, and Sly and the Family Stone), and infuse them with as much passion as any of the originals. Detroit garage punk legend Mick Collins of the Gories brought together two drummers and two bass players to accompany him in this project. This is their best album, a raucous fusion of Mo-Town and Garage Rock with an incredible intensity. Their live shows are not to be missed, but if they're not playing in your town soon, this album will do.
Views: 1273 | Added by: illuminaut | Date: 22 Aug 2008 | Rating: 5.0/1 | Comments (2) |

Not only their first but their signature record.. Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables is a classic in the Punk world. Filled with political and left-wing sound, this record has a lesser production quality then the later albums. Filled with 14 tracks of enjoyable, fun songs...

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This release collects singles and scarce tracks from the Mark Stewart-fronted punk-funk unit, titled after its defining Rough Trade single. At ten tracks and around 36 minutes running time, this certainly leaves you wanting more of the band's agitated post-punk sound, which was the seed of Mark Stewart & the Maffia and Rip Rig & Panic. "We Are All Prostitutes" is one of the vital non-expendable singles from the early-'80s era of neo-dub, punk, and funk as propagated by the Slits, A Certain Ratio, and African Head Charge. The Pop Group remain one of the most looked and underrated and politically charged bands of the era. This is an utterly inspired release, and fans of Public Image L ... Read more »
Views: 2237 | Added by: illuminaut | Date: 22 Aug 2008 | Rating: 5.0/1 | Comments (2) |

Jad Fair is America's anti-music poster child, the personification of DIY. Both as a member of Half Japanese and with his countless solo albums, he continues to baffle listeners with his unwillingness to conform to any conventions, be they as universal as being able to play an instrument or sing in tune. If you do this once or twice you are simply being ignored, but Fair's tenacity made it impossible to overlook him. Similar to his friend Daniel Johnston, with whom he collaborated on two albums, he's achieved a cult status because his passion for music is simply inspiring.

That is not to say he hasn't progressed - his later albums are far more accessible than his early releases - but that's often due to the ... Read more »
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Underground Hip Hop fans will enjoy this classic. A collaboration between Jemini (aka Jemini the Gifted One) and DJ/producer, Danger Mouse. This was before the time that many people even knew who Danger Mouse was. Some of his best work to date..

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