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Main » 2008 » August » 6 » R. Stevie Moore - Phonography (1973-76)
R. Stevie Moore - Phonography (1973-76)
4:04 PM

R. S T E V I E   M O O R E ' s
F i r s t   A l b u m

APRIL 1976

(100 copies pressed)

Somewhere in Nashville, Tennessee sits
(in a bathtub) a young chap by the name of
Stevie Moore. In his living room, two tape
decks are set up. Microphones and wires
are strewn everywhere. Over the space of
several years (1974-1976), our hero sits
down with his tape recorders and (all by his
lonesome) puts down a heap of tracks
featuring many of his multiple musical
talents. This record is an edited distillation
of a few of those, intermixed with some chit
chat and narration by the venerable Mr.
Moore. The result is an outrageous collec-
tion of musical brain spewage that sounds,
at times, like Thunderclap Newman, Todd
Rundgren, and the Bonzo Dog Band. The
sound quality isn't exactly spectacular, but
you get the idea, and listening is a lot of
fun, as the entire TP staff can attest. The
better tracks (in case you want to call up
your local dj and request them) are called
"Goodbye Piano," "I Wish I Could Sing,"
"She Don't Know What To Do With
Herself", and a little ditty entitled "Theme
From A.G." "AG" turns out to be Andy
Griffith, and the track is simply a multi-
guitared reading of that fabulous whistling
tomboy music from the old show. A true
slash of genius, and the killer cut of the
record. Don't rush out looking for Phono-
graphy. It'll find you.

•Ira A. Robbins, NYC
•Trouser Press magazine
•December 1977
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