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Main » 2008 » August » 24 » Strapping Fieldhands - Wattle & Daub (1996)
Strapping Fieldhands - Wattle & Daub (1996)
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While Strapping Fieldhands had plenty of other moments of brilliance throughout their too brief catalog, this is seemingly where it all came together for them. Reminiscent of an even more bizarre Piper At The Gates Of Dawn at times and as courageous as early Guided By Voices this record is truly a diamond in the rough. Spin Magazine called it "one of the greatest albums you've never heard". Drawing on British folk and psychedelia, Pere Ubu, and Red Krayola-style quirkiness, this album is a low-tech affair which experiments with some unorthodox instrumentation and has at its heart a delicate and crafty song sensibility that brings to mind Tall Dwarves and Television Personalities.

Debuting in 1991 as a three-piece support act for the Frogs, Strapping Fieldhands made a few waves as one of the more charming -- albeit ramshackle -- bands in indie-rock's decidedly ragged lo-fi movement. The band, comprised of Bob Malloy, Bob Dickie, Jacy Webster, Sky Kishlo and Jeff Werner, gigged around Philadelphia and recorded their debut EP, The Demiurge, in 1991 for Siltbreeze Records. Several singles for the label followed, and Strapping Fieldhands released their first album, Discus, in 1993. The group played around the East and followed up with two ten-inch EPs released during 1994, In the Pineys and The Caul. The band's second LP, Wattle & Daub, was released by Shangri-La in 1996. Siltbreeze later combined Strapping Fieldhands' seven-inch output on the compilation Gobs on the Midway.

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