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Main » 2008 » August » 24 » Fred Frith - Cheap at Half the Price (1983)
Fred Frith - Cheap at Half the Price (1983)
8:36 PM

Unlike most people, I got introduced to the music of Fred Frith through his arguably least typical work, a collection of home-recorded 4-track "pop" songs. If you hear this album after hearing the rest of his work you might be disappointed - no exquisite guitar solos, fairly straight-forward arrangements, and shockingly, vocals on most of the tracks!

If however you look at this album with an open mind you'll quickly notice how utterly fantastic it is. Oozing with creativity, it's easily Frith's most playful work. Some of the songs are featured in the amazing documentary "Step across the border". If you haven't watched this you really should, it's one of the most captivating music documentaries I've ever seen. Amazon has the DVD in stock.

Overall, an up-beat, bouncy and incredibly creative album with a high replay value.
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1 illuminaut  
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2 Berno  
this album is blowing my mind. thanks for posting and keep up the good work

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