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Main » 2008 » August » 21 » The Rudy Schwartz Project - Salmon Dave (1993) & Günther packs a stiffy (1995)
The Rudy Schwartz Project - Salmon Dave (1993) & Günther packs a stiffy (1995)
12:12 PM

Two albums compiling early tape-only releases by Joe Newman, the wacky brain behind the Rudy Schwartz Project, who keeps mentioning Frank Zappa as often as he can in an apparent attempt to gain exposure by association. Of course, the only thing he has in common with Zappa is questionable mental health, but he's managed to receive respect from Jello Biafra and Zoogz Rift, so he's doing something right.

If you've never listened to the RSP, these albums are probably not the best place to start. In fact, some of these songs are outright horrible. And if you hate college humor, don't even bother - this is as immature as it gets. His other two albums, Bowling for Appliances (which has great cover art) and Don't Get Charred... Get Puffy! are significantly more interesting, mainly because they aren't as cheesy. I'm not going to post these again, as tydalwave has just recently posted them on his excellent blog Feelin' kinda froggy.

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