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Main » 2008 » August » 19 » Alan Vega - Deuce Avenue (1990)
Alan Vega - Deuce Avenue (1990)
3:58 PM

Deuce Avenue is Alan Vega's most under-appreciated album, and has been universally shunned by critics. AMG gives it 1.5 stars and calls it "one of Alan Vega's rare misfires", all the while pointing out that it's the album most similar to the earlier Suicide albums. Which is the key here. No, Martin Rev wasn't part of this, and yes, Alan Vega produced this on his own, but what is truly remarkable about this album is that it just flows. Back are the aggressive synth sounds, gone the rockabilly influences of Alan Vega's solo debut. I've learned to love this album while driving at night - it's futuristic and retro at the same time. Body Bop Jive and Sneaker Gun Fire are fine examples where the use of minimal rhythms, archaic sample sounds and Vega's deadbeat voice form a cinematic backdrop to Vega's rambling. There are some tracks which don't work quite as well, but overall this is a fascinating album. Despite the sinister lyrics there's a sense of humor to be found in the choice of sounds - this just sounds way too dated for a 1990 record to be accidental.
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