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Much like ex-Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus, former Dismemberment Plan lead singer Travis Morrison faces the daunting task of detaching himself from the large shadow his juggernaut band cast over the indie rock community. Free from the democratic constraints the Plan imposed upon him, Morrison presents a far more eclectic side of himself than seen on any record prior, and the results were heavily foreshadowed via mp3s on his website during Travistan's production phase. Nevertheless, Plan loyalists are almost guaranteed to scrutinize this album from start to finish, deconstructing it on a microscopic level with a magnifying glass to find any possible reason to complain why Morrison and company called i ... Read more »
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The remastered version of the early Toy Love (pre-Tall Dwarfs) tracks, both the singles and the LP are included and sound a lot better than they used to. Chris Knox & Co were apparently upset about the production of their original LP (it was way smoother than they wanted to sound) and so they re-released it along with their singles 25 years later, the way they always intended it to sound.
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