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This is a special collaboration between Windy & Carl's music and Christy's photography.
Recorded at home between March and October 2006.
Made especially for Brainwaves, the Brainwashed 10th anniversary festival, Nov. 17-19, 2006 at the Regent Theatre, Arlington, Mass.
Actually there is only 1 Track (33:16 min).

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Issued in 1987, Escape from Noise took the scope of A Big 10-8 Place to even wider levels, touching on everything from how many time zones Russia covers to a rendition of "Over the Rainbow" sung by a little girl plagued with hiccups. Maintaining Negativland's blend of wit and darker themes, it might have simply remained a cult classic were it not for the appearance of the throbbing, creepy "Christianity Is Stupid" and, a few months after the album's release, a mass murder in Minnesota committed by a teenager against his family. Having seen tour plans fall through at around the same time, Negativland decided to distribute a fake press release hinting that the killer had in fact been arguing w ... Read more »
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